Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

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When considering for additional protection for your vehicle, you might’ve asked yourself, “Should I buy extended warranties?” Depending on your lifestyle and budget in Richmond, extended warranties are wise if you plan on keeping your car for many years and you want the extra coverage just in case. They usually offer additional maintenance coverage after the expiration of the factory warranty. In other words, they help cover the cost of a major repair in the future. Discover more before deciding if your new-to-you vehicle need extended warranties. 



What Else do Extended Warranties Cover?

Plan options vary between manufacturers and dealers, and whether you are getting a new or used extended warranty. However, extended warranties may have options for coverage that includes towing, roadside assistance, and more.

Extended Warranties for New & Used Vehicles

There are extended warranties for are both new and used vehicles, but they work differently depending on the condition of the car. See what you should know when considering extended warranties for your brand-new or new-to-you car below. 

New Vehicles

Consider these factors if you’re determining if your new car in Winchester needs extended warranties: 

  • Do you plan on swapping out your vehicle in the next 10 years? If so, then you may not need one, as vehicles are built to be more reliable than they were in the past. 
  • If you’re planning on keeping your vehicle for more than 10 years then an extended warranty can definitely be worth the investment. 
  • It’s also worth checking to see what the insurance coverage is included with your new vehicle purchase. 

Used Vehicles

On the other hand, you’ll likely think about reliability for used cars and extended warranties. Consider the following: 

  • Having the vehicle inspected and an estimate created for any vehicle issues. 
  • Decide how long you plan on keeping the vehicle. 

Should I Buy Extended Warranties? 

The bottom line is that they are great if you’re worried about breaking your budget should a major issue comes up, or a repair is needed for your vehicle. Extended warranties offer peace of mind when you’re on the roads of Danville, so if you have the bandwidth to opt for them, they are an exceptional investment. 

Discuss All of Your Financing Options at Short Redmond SuperStore

Whether you’ve recently bought a new-to-you car in Lexington and you’re considering extended warranties or you’re still researching to prepare taking a quality pre-owned vehicle home, the team at Short Redmond SuperStore is here to help you. We’re happy to discuss used car insurance coverage, sales tax, and anything you need to know to make an informed decision. Just reach out to us! 


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