How to Be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

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You’ve absolutely crushed it when you’ve found the exact model you want at an unbelievably low price from our Lexington pre-owned inventory at Short Redmond SuperStore. Now what? Continue to be finance-savvy as our team teaches you how to save even more money with your new-to-you ride! One way to do that is by increasing your fuel efficiency. You can effortlessly incorporate the following tips from our guide into your Richmond daily drives! Find out how to be fuel-efficient when driving below. 

5 Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency

If you rely mainly on your car to commute to places in Winchester, you will definitely use gas. However, there are simple tips to help you be more mindful of your gas usage, so your fuel efficiency on the roads can improve: 

  1. Accelerate Softly – When you accelerate, press the gas pedal gently. The harder you press, the more fuel you use. 
  2. Plan Ahead for Traffic – In cases when possible, try to map out your commute before heading into your car. Being stuck in stop-and-go traffic wastes gas and it can also put mechanical stress on your car’s drivetrain. If you need to hit the roads during rush hour, try to avoid it by heading out earlier or finding shortcuts. 
  3. Avoid High Speeds – When you drive at higher speeds, you will use more fuel. If you’re on the highway, keep your speed between 55 and 65 mph while following the speed limit.
  4. Coast to a Stop – Look at the road ahead instead of applying brakes constantly. If there’s no one ahead of you and you need to come to a stop, take your foot off the gas pedal and let your car coast to a stop. What about driving on hills? You can reduce your speed as you venture uphill, and again, use your car’s forward momentum to coast downhill. 
  5. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly – Using the air conditioning system can increase your car’s gas usage by up to 20%. When you have the air conditioning on during hot Kentucky days, use the recirculate function instead of leaving it on full-blast. 

Learn More Money-Saving Tips from Short Redmond SuperStore 

Now that you know how to be fuel-efficient when driving, learn how else you can save money as a car owner. We can guide you on how to change the engine air filter yourself without having to spend money on labor from a repair shop in Danville. If you ever plan to trade in your ride, we can also tell you what you should and shouldn’t fix before getting an appraisal. Contact us today! If you’re searching for a new-to-you car, you would want to take a look at fuel-efficient models, like the Toyota Camry with impressive MPG ratings and more, in our pre-owned inventory!

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