How Do You Change a Car Tire?

Changing a Tire

If you find yourself with a flat tire or the treads have worn down and it’s time for a fresh set, knowing how to change a tire is an important skill to have. Learning how to change a tire on a truck or car can save you from having to wait on the side of the road in Danville or riding around on with little traction on dangerous roads. Short Redmond SuperStore is here to teach you how to change a car tire.

How Do You Change a Car Tire: Step by Step

If you are curious how to change a car tire by hand, you’ll still require the help of some tools, including: a jack, lug wrench, spare tire or new tire(s), and your owner’s manual. Replacing the tires on your car, truck, or SUV is more simple than you would think. Follow these steps from our Lexington dealership:

  1. Whatever road you’re on in the Winchester area, move to a safe place and turn on your hazard lights. Try to find as flat of a space as possible.
  2. Apply the parking brake and wheel wedges under the other tires.
  3. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap from the tire, and loosen the lug nuts.
  4. Using the jack, raise your vehicle and remove the lug nuts.
  5. Remove the current tire and put the new one in its place.
  6. Tighten the lug nuts into place in a star shape to be sure the pressure is evenly distributed. Then, lower your vehicle back to the ground.

It’s important to note that the directions for how to change a tire by hand will also be located in your owner’s manual, if you are ever in a pinch you can always rely on this tool to help you. Before you begin your adventures in your new-to-you vehicle, confirm that all of the tools for changing a tire are in your vehicle.

How Often Should You Change Your Car Tires?

The frequency of tire changes is dependent on a few factors. How often you rotate tires, how well your tires are made and your driving habits all affect the speed of wear down. If you rotate your tires regularly, you should be able to get the full mileage promised, but you should still check your tire pressure and the tread regularly just to be safe. Your tires will last the longest if you schedule a tire rotation along with your routine maintenance like oil changes.

How to Put Air in Your Tires

Most gas stations around Richmond have air pumps that allow you to fill up your tires if you don’t have your own pump. Here’s how:

  1. Park your vehicle by the air dispenser taking caution that the hose can reach each tire.
  2. Remove the cap on the tire valve of the first tire.
  3. Check the air pressure in the tire by using a tire gauge. It’s helpful to do this at home, even if you head to the gas station to fill your tires, because tires can heat up when you drive and cause the air inside to expand. This can provide a false reading.
  4. Use the air hose to add small amounts of air in short bursts while checking the tire gauge each time.

Remember to keep checking the tire gauge until you hit the right amount of pressure! It’s near impossible to get it right the first time.

How Many Miles Will a Spare Tire Last?

You’ll want to get a new, permanent tire put on as soon as possible if you’ve been driving on your spare. These tires are not made for driving on for very long– rarely more than 50 miles– and they have low speed limit capacities. Your spare tire will say its specific limits, but most recommend staying below 50 mph.

Feel Free to Ask Short Redmond SuperStore More Questions

If you aren’t comfortable changing tires yourself, or you’re not sure what kind of tires to purchase, we’re happy to help. Contact our team with your questions. We are happy to help you get on the road as safely as possible!


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